Government Affairs Committee

  • Chairman:  Bob Cuddy
  • Warren McCarl
  • Tony D'Ambrosio
  • Vella Markowski
  • Jeremy Stipkala
  • Dan Svrcek
  • Elise Perrault
  • Bill Prindle
  • Board Liaison:  Richard Hayes

Committee Purpose

Our responsibility is to keep our neighborhood community aware of what is happening in North Charleston City Council and Dorchester County Council that directly or even indirectly affects the residents of Coosaw Creek. Our accomplishments to date include a North Charleston Dorchester Road Comprehensive Zoning Plan, stopping apartments from being built on Dorchester Road, ensuring the new Lowes meets required zoning restrictions, successful Patriot Blvd. completion, lights for our fire department on Dorchester Road, and protection of zoning near or next to Coosaw Creek. We also have had several “Meet and Greet Your Politicians” to include our City Council member, County Council member, State Representative.

Key issues that the Government Affairs

  • City and Council Comprehensive Planning
  • Zoning on Dorchester Road and Patriots Blvd
  • Zoning on the borders of Coosaw Creek
  • Meet and Greet our political representative

The Government Affairs Committee continues to be active in City and County Planning, City Zoning Board meetings, Dorchester Corridor Coalition of POAs, and Patriot Blvd. safety. We will continue to have “Meet and Greet” events at the Club House with our local government representative so you can discuss directly with them your concerns and ideas to ensure our neighborhood stays safe and vibrant.

Anyone interested in joining the Government Affairs Committee, please contact Richard Hayes.

Wetlands and Drainage Committee

  • Chairman:  Jim Petros
  • Frank Algozzini
  • Richard Hayes 
  • Rich Symuleski
  • Mike Sujka
  • John O'Connors
  • Tony D'Ambrosio
  • Todd Friddle
  • CCCC Member: Mike Benner
  • GAC Liaison: Bob Cuddy
  • Board Liaison:  Tom DeMars

Architectural Review Board Members

  • Charlie Davis: 
  • John Gaag: 
  • Karsten McElfresh
  • Randall Fogel
  • Patty Radak: Acting Chair 
  • Board Liaison: Joyce Latham 

Committee Purpose

The ARB requests that any property owners contemplating any changes that may alter the appearance of their lot or the exterior of their home consult with the ARB before taking any action. This would include everything from additions, to removing trees, to painting, to landscaping changes or the erection of swing/gym sets, etc. The ARB meets the second and fourth Monday of the month at 9:00 am.   The deadline for submittals is the Thursday prior to the meeting by 12 Noon.

You must make your submission using the ARB Application which is under POA documents. Please read the application cover letter which outlines the fee schedule. Drop off the completed application, fee and appropriate documentation to the OA Office located in the Clubhouse. Office Hours - Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Contact the OA Office at 843-767-9000, Ext. 302.

Safety and Security Committee

  • Interim Chair-Jim Petros
  • Co-Chair-David Stinson 
  • Truma Polin 
  • Fred Gates
  • Drew Meadows
  • Vincent Patenaude
  • Dick Shaw
  • Ryan Shaw
  • Board Liaison- Scott Megorden

Safety and Security meets the first Wednesday of the month in the Clubhouse at 6:30 pm.

Committee Purpose

The CCOA Safety and Security Committee has an overall objective of helping maintain Coosaw Creek as a safe and controlled environment for its residents. The Committee is charged with developing Safety and Security Policies and Procedures, which affect the Community. Security has the primary responsibility for the management of the Front Gate Security; Contractor Access Pass Operations; North Charlestone Police Community Patrol; Home Watch Programs; and the Fort Dorchester HS Resident/Student Security Gate Access Program. The Committee provides oversight of the perimeter fences; street lighting; police and fire department calls and services within the community as they relate to site secruirty. The Security Committee develops their budget and approve/monitor expenses within approved budget in the Security area.

Disaster Preparedness Committee

Disaster Prep

  • Chair: Russ Bernard
  • Co-Chair: Jim Petros
  • Wolf Kutter
  • Peter Thompson
  • John and Karen Gaag
  • Jerry Koenig
  • Consultant: Mike Sujka
  • Bill Cattorini
  • Dan Svrcek
  • Andrea Mooney
  • Linda Robertson
  • Randy and Rebecca Sherwood
  • Rich Symuleski
  • Steve Weise
  • Frank Algozzini
  • Warren McCarl
  • Mark Dunlay
  • Karl Gorrell
  • Board Liaison: Richard Hayes

EMS Honors Coosaw Creek

Summerville Journal The Dorchester County Emergency Management Department honored the Coosaw Creek community with a "Certificate of Appreciation" during the Coosaw Creek Property Owners Association's recent Board meeting.

The Disaster Preparedness Committee has invested time, money, and energy to help our friends and neighbors should disaster strike.

Advice from the Committee

Videotape, or take digital photos of your home, interior and exterior, room by room. Be thorough. Include videos/photos of any valuable china, crystal, silver, fine arts, antiques etc. Keep the video in a safe, waterproof, place or in your "evacuation box" with other valuable papers. Update your video records annually. This is evidence for your insurance company as to what your home, and contents looked like before any damage was done. The video may be used to support your "proof of loss" in the event of a claim, especially if you no longer have receipts for these items. It will also aid you in completing a realistic inventory of your household effects. The preparations you make BEFORE an incident will help expedite your recovery afterward.

When Evacuating

Any time a resident of Coosaw Creek leaves town for an extended period of time, including evacuation from a hurricane or other disaster, they should fill out a "Home Watch Form". Residents filling out the form should give a out of town emergency contact number where they can be reached or the number of a person that can be contacted to pass on emergency information. Blank home watch forms are located at the guard house, where they should be returned once filled out (if not filled online). When a resident returns to the community, they should notify the gate guards that they are home.

Our recommended evacuation route is to travel west on SC642 (Dorchester Road) to Old Orangeburg Road (Secondary 22) to 78 Evacuation route

The Committee for Disability Emergency Preparedness of Charleston County is attempting to identify those individuals who think that they may need evacuation assistance or shelter during an emergency. Please contact Nancy Duffy at 843-207-7273 for an "Operation Evacuation" application form.

Community News

Recent Meetings and Information:

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June 23rd Disaster Preparedness meeting:

Administrative Office

Property Manager - Laura Bush

Gatehouse Phone: 843-760-9111

Coosaw Creek Owners' Association
4110 Club Course Drive
North Charleston, SC 29420
Phone: (843) 767-9000, Ext. 302
Fax: (843) 207-7438
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

POA Documents

Financial Advisory Committee

  • Chairwoman: Christine Boyette
  • R. Andrew Brothers
  • Georgia Butler
  • Mike Sujka
  • Kent Lee
  • John Radak
  • Vicki Stier
  • Chip Fallon

2019 Board of Directors

  • President: Chip Fallon
  • Vice President: Thomas DeMars
  • Treasurer: Christine Boyette
  • Secretary: Richard Hayes
  • Director: Frank Algozzini
  • Director: Joyce Latham
  • Director: Scott Megorden

Landscape Committee

  • Chairman: Lucinda Perron: 704-460-5795
  • Linda Gordon: 312-890-4931
  • Lisa Peter
  • Property Mgr.: Laura Bush
  • Board Liaison: Chip Fallon

Click here to view POA established Coosaw Creek Landscaping Guidelines!

Files & Forms

Gate Pass

Safety and Security

Disaster Prep


Schools and Libraries

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