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Government Affairs Committee


Position Committee Member Phone Number
  Warren McCarl 843-767-3123
  Tony D'Ambrosio 843-552-3012
  Jeremy Stipkala 843-207-0819
  Vella Markowski 843-303-9077
Chairman Bob Cuddy 404-394-7343
  Dan Svrcek 843-767-6611
Liaison Richard Hayes 843-813-2168

Government Affairs meets as needed in the Clubhouse.

Committee Purpose

Our responsibility is to keep our neighborhood community aware of what is happening in North Charleston City Council and Dorchester County Council that directly or even indirectly affects the residents of Coosaw Creek. Our accomplishments to date include a North Charleston Dorchester Road Comprehensive Zoning Plan, stopping apartments from being built on Dorchester Road, ensuring the new Lowes meets required zoning restrictions, successful Patriot Blvd. completion, lights for our fire department on Dorchester Road, and protection of zoning near or next to Coosaw Creek. We also have had several “Meet and Greet Your Politicians” to include our City Council member, County Council member, State Representative.

Key issues that the Government Affairs

  1. City and Council Comprehensive Planning
  2. Zoning on Dorchester Road and Patriots Blvd
  3. Zoning on the borders of Coosaw Creek
  4. Meet and Greet our political representative

The Government Affairs Committee continues to be active in City and County Planning, City Zoning Board meetings, Dorchester Corridor Coalition of POAs, and Patriot Blvd. safety. We will continue to have “Meet and Greet” events at the Club House with our local government representative so you can discuss directly with them your concerns and ideas to ensure our neighborhood stays safe and vibrant.

Anyone interested in joining the Government Affairs Committee, please contact Richard Hayes.